Be Prepared For Your Wedding Photographer

How to Pose For Wedding Photos

It’s normal to be nervous when posing, especially when it’s for your wedding album. Although a true wedding photographer knows how to make you feel relaxed, it’s always good to learn a few tricks before the photo session starts. Heed this advice to guarantee great shots.

Aim to Flatter.
When posing for formal pictures, remember a few basic things: take a deep breath, exhale, look up and tilt your chin down. Another trick, most photographer use to make people look slimmer, is to take the photo from an elevated angle. So, you can suggest your wedding photographer to do the same if this is what you wish.

newlywed couple standing with their parents and guests and posing in front of a cameraBring a Friend.
One of the most important gestures that defines the wedding album is the bride’s smile. However, there is nothing like a pure, natural and sincere laugh. In order to achieve this goal, make sure you bring one of your best friends at the photo session to carry on a conversation. If your friend knows how to tell a joke, than the mission is accomplished.

Hold the Bouquet with One Hand.
Most professional photographers consider that holding the wedding bouquet with only one hand while the other is left hanging naturally by your side, is more attractive and looks more relaxed. However, a good wedding photographer can make you look relaxed no matter the situation.

It’s OK to be Nervous.
It’s better to let yourself be real rather than forcing a smile. Being anxious and nervous on the wedding day is normal, and if that can be caught on a picture, then you’ll have something to remind you of the real feelings you’ve experienced.

Take a Walk.
There is something that photographers like to call energy in the picture. Having a short walk around the park or just across the lawn makes the dress flow, the hair move and the photo has more energy in it.

Hire a Professional.
If you really want extraordinary results, hire a professional wedding photographer. We highly recommend Curtis Photography/Videography Inc from Euclid, OH. If you want to find out more about their work, call (216) 800-7538.

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